By confirming your booking, you are agreeing to the terms set out in this document, a
small meeting is classed as anything with 15 delegates or lower.

i. Full pre-payment is required at the time of booking and must be
paid using a debit or credit card. All payments are non-
refundable and non-transferable. Any additional items
purchased prior to your event date or onsite need to be paid for
at the time of purchase.
ii. A VAT invoice will be sent to you following the event once you
have received the goods and services. The invoice name and
address will be based upon the contact information provided
when making the reservation. Please note we are unable to
change this after the event.

i. In the unfortunate circumstance that you have to cancel or
postpone your confirmed booking at any time prior to the event, the Hotel will
make every effort to re-sell the facilities on your behalf. In the event of the Hotel
being unsuccessful in reselling the cancelled or amended booking, 100%
cancellation charges excluding VAT will be applicable. For bookings cancelled
on the day for the day - VAT will not be deducted.
ii. Any cancellation, postponement or partial cancellation should be
verbally advised to the Hotel in the first instance and you will be
advised of a cancellation reference number. All cancellations
must be confirmed in writing and the facilities you have reserved
cannot be released for resale until this is received and
iii. Definitive cancellation charges due can only be confirmed to you
after the intended date of your event, when we shall reduce the
charge by any alternative business we have been able to secure
on your behalf, if applicable.
iv. Should the client make significant changes to the programme or
the expected number of delegates, the Hotel reserves the right
to amend the rates and/or facilities offered.
v. Any delegates who do not arrive will still be charged at
100% of the delegate rate (if applicable).
vi. Amendments or Cancellations by the Hotel
The Hotel reserves the right to cancel any booking or reserves
the right to offer alternative facilities without any responsibility on
its part in the event of:
a. Any occurrence beyond the reasonable control of the Hotel
which shall prevent it from performing its obligations in
connection with the booking.
b. If the booking might, in the opinion of the Hotel, prejudice
the reputation of the Hotel.
c. If the client is more than 30 days in arrears of previous
payment to Carden Park Hotel.
d. If the Hotel becomes aware of any alteration in the Client’s
financial situation.

i. Please do not leave any of your equipment in the service
corridor. This is a main fire escape and needs to be kept clear at
all times.
ii. Please do not under any circumstances interfere with the hotels
AV system or any other electrical circuits.
iii. Our partition track is designed for the walls only; please ensure
that none of your equipment is suspended from this track.
iv. Please under no circumstances interfere with the positioning of
the chandeliers or light fittings, unless permission has been
granted in writing by your hotel contact.
v. Smoke and dry ice machines, which may affect the general
working of the fire equipment within the suite must be authorised
prior to arrival.
vi. Vehicles may be unloaded at the rear doors of your meeting
room, however, we ask that you kindly park them in the nearest
car park as soon as the equipment has been unloaded.
vii. Ensure all electrical fittings, cables etc, are covered and any tripod stands
clearly marked and that a valid PAT test certificate is evident.
viii. Damage can be caused to the wall decorations by adhesive pads or tape.
Please do not use them; ask for notice boards if necessary.
ix. On departure please ensure you clear all items relating to your event including
rubbish as well as any screws, fastenings etc. We would appreciate that you
dispose of your rubbish off site. A charge may be added for excessive waste
left on site.
x. The Hotel does not accept liability for loss or damage to any of your personal
equipment, property and vehicles whilst on site. Carden Park cannot be held
responsible for accidents which may occur to contractors who have not
followed guidelines under the Health and Safety Laws.
xi. Any damage to the Hotel property caused as a result of your actions will be
charged for in full

i. Any amendments, including additions & cancellations, must be notified in
writing by the Client and confirmed by the Hotel
ii. The rates quoted are inclusive of the rate of VAT enforced at the time of
quoting however the VAT inclusive rates charged will include VAT at the
rate applicable at the time of supply.

i. The Clients shall be responsible for the orderly conduct of its delegates, and shall
ensure that its delegates have regard to any regulations imposed by any competent
authority, and that nothing shall be done which will constitute a breach of the law. The
Client shall fully indemnify the Hotel against any claims, or loss or damage arising as
a result of breach of this clause.
ii. Prior written approval must be obtained if you wish to fix items to the walls, floors or
ceilings. The Hotel will hold the Client responsible for any damage caused through
negligence by the Client, the Client’s guests or the Client’s contractors. An inspection
of the premises before and after the event may be requested by contacting the Duty
iii. Where any facilities or services are booked, the Hotel will not be liable to make any
refunds should the delegates fail or refuse to use them for whatever reason and full
payment must be made.
iv. Where the Hotel is requested to book facilities and/or services on behalf of its clients
or their delegates with third parties, it will do so in good faith but cannot be held liable
should the standard of those services prove deficient, nor for the acts or omissions of
such third parties.
v. Only food and beverage purchased from the Hotel may be consumed on the premises.
If food or beverages are brought into the Hotel for consumption, a charge will be made
equal to the Hotel’s selling price for that or an equivalent product, which shall be in the
absolute determination of the Hotel.
vi. Meeting room space is offered to the Client for their exclusive use and for their affiliates
and is not for resale to non-affiliated parties unless by prior arrangement with the Hotel.
vii. The event must start and finish at the times specified on the contract. Changes to the
times must be agreed with the Hotel.
viii. It is strongly recommended that you take out event insurance. Please contact your
preferred broker.
ix. Rates are non-commissionable